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Beauty of Uyeda Pearl

From the prewar to postwar period in Japan, people called our business "Uyeda Pearl" since we mainly produced jewelry using Akoya pearls. From high-quality Akoya pearls, to large drops of South Sea Pearls, Uyeda Jeweller has always been known for its premium jewelry including its pearl necklaces.
Our team of experienced and reliable specialists procure and buy first-class pearls from Japan and all over the world.

Uyeda Jeweller Uyeda Pearl ブローチ
Pt950 / Akoya Cultured pearls / Diamond 3.46ct.



Pearl and Japanese ladies

Japanese women are outstanding in the way that they prioritize society, and act modestly and elegantly. When we think of Japanese jewels, we naturally think of pearls. The pearl can play a leading role, but it also has the power to complement other stones, not unlike how the inner beauty of Japanese women complements others. From parents to their daughters and granddaughters, we recommend Akoya pearl necklaces and earrings as precious gifts for coming-of-age or wedding ceremonies to commemorate memories of life and happy families.

Uyeda Jeweller Uyeda Pearl ネックレスとイヤリングのセット
Akoya Cultured pearls / 7.5mm / ¥440,000 ~ (without clasp)
Akoya Cultured pearls / 8.0mm / K18WG / ¥126,500 ~



Pearl Necklace and Earring Set

These beautiful pearls, mellow in color and touch, are born in Akoya pearl oysters. A proud treasure of Japan, they shine gently from the inside, complimenting a woman's skin. Our exquisite choker necklace and earrings are indispensable jewelry for the sophisticated woman. They make a perfect present for special occasions, such as an anniversary, birthday, or any day you want to make her feel special. From everyday use to formal events, this pearl set makes a statement of understated luxury that every woman will appreciate. To order one of Uyeda Jeweller's lustrous sets for that special person in your life, please visit our store or contact us.

Click on the jewels for the details. Ring /
Click on the jewels for the details.
ネックレス 6.5mm ¥259,600 クラスプ・マグネット・シルバー / 3.5mm ¥198,000 PT引き輪
イヤリング ¥209,000 ピアス ¥198,000
K18 / Pearl / リング ¥132,000

※ 当時のリングの素材は淡水真珠。レプリカリングはアコヤ真珠です。