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戦前の日本のジュエリー・装身具は 1923 年(大正 12 年)の関東大震災、第二次世界大戦中の当時の軍需省によるダイヤ・プラチナ・金の供出の強要や 1944 年(昭和 19 年)のプラチナの強制買上げ、日本全土への空襲等により、その殆どが失われており、特に大正時代のジュエリーは大変希少なものとなっています。その様な意味でジュエリー・装身具の文化・歴史が残っていると言うことは平和の象徴でもあるとも言えるでしょう。

Japanese jewelry and personal ornaments created before the Second World War were mostly lost. The Great Kanto earthquake of 1923, the compulsory delivery of diamond, platinum or gold which was announced by the Ministry of Munitions at that time, the mandatory buy-outs of platinum in 1944, and air raids throughout Japan during the war – they were the cause of this lost. Therefore, especially jewelry created in Taisho period (1912 – 1926) is very rare now. The fact that the history and culture of Japanese jewelry and personal ornaments have been preserved symbolizes peace of today.

七・七禁令 / The 7.7 prohibitory decree
昭和 15 年(1940 年)7 月 7 日から施行された七・七禁令(奢侈品等製造販売制限規則)。主要ジュエリーが製造販売禁止となり、ウエダジュエラー(当時K.UYEDA)も戦後まで 5 年間、同盟国であったドイツ・イタリア大使館へのわずかながらの販売を除き一切ジュエリーを販売出来なかった。
The 7.7 prohibitory decree (Limitation rules on manufacturing and selling of luxury items) was executed on July 7th, 1940. The government prohibited production and sales of major types of jewelry. Uyeda Jeweller (K.UYEDA at that time) was also unable to sell their products for a period of five years until after the war, except for a few products sold for Embassy of Germany and Italy: allied countries with Japan.


Fortunately, Uyeda Jeweller keeps antique jewelries which have been successfully escaped from this historical transition. These are the representative jewelries from Meiji period (1868 – 1912) to the post-war period (after 1945-), and they are the roots of Japanese jewelry. We can perceive also its aesthetic aspects of design and skilful handiwork, as well as Japan’s historical background. Particularly, jewelry created in Taisho period (1912 – 1926) is known by its blend of Japanese and Western jewelry making style, matching with both Japanese and Western attires. Japan’s unique ambiance – charming, delicate and picturesque – is expressed here.
Some of our antique jewelry is showcased for the first time in Japan. We hope you will enjoy our collection.
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装身具 / Ornamental hairpin, Sash clip
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象牙根付・置物 / Netsuke, Ornament


このコラムでは、まだ江戸の香りが残る東京銀座で明治 17 年に創業し、その後 130 年以上に渡り日本のジュエリー文化と共に歩んで来たにウエダジュエラーよりみなさまへ、ウエダジュエラーに残るアンティークのストーリーや、和装から洋装に移り変わった明治維新後から昭和期のジュエリーにこめられた『日本美』の素晴らしい世界をお伝えしてまいります。

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